75% off SECRET Perry Ellis Sale!

This is Top Secret people.  If I tell you this… fill in the blanks please.  Now to the point.  Perry Ellis is running a normal sale.  But for the chosen few, they are running a Secret Sale.  One where you, the savy CheapIndianGuys friend will enjoy a whopping 75% discount at.

To bring even more goods to the table.  Here’s a discount code to further reduce your shopping cart by 10%.


You’d think that was enough, but the CheapIndianGuy is also letting you know that there is free shipping on orders over $75. 

Quite frankly.  This is a superb deal, and I recommend stocking up on gifts for him for x-mas, newyears.  Hell, at these prices.. every first of the month!


-Ravi Shanghavi, IS the CheapIndianGuy