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60% Off sale at Godiva!!

Forever a fan of Chocolate I keep my eyes peeled for Godiva deals.   Just recently they ran a sale for up to 50% off and now we’re at 60%.   This sale includes a good range of the larger boxes and boutique G-Collection boxes.

Godiva 60% off Sale Link

– Ravi Shanghavi, is the CheapIndianGuy


$599 JetBlue fly all you can for 1 month

JetBlue has got you running to the gate.  For a month long excursion to just about anywhere.  Always wished you could do a 52 states in 30 days whirlwind documentary?  Well here’s your chance.  For $599 JetBlue is giving you a all you can fly pass between September 8th to October 8th.  Passes need to be purchased by August 21st, and I’m sure the weekend flights are going to get filled up pretty quick.    Either way, this is a good way to travel for the last bit of summer.  If you’ve had a summer that is, Ottawa has only enjoy rain and some idle sunshine.

-Brought to you by Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy


JetBlue 20% off all flights through 10/31/09 – Today only

This 20% off deal is for today only and is applicable to all flights.  Word is if you’ve already booked for more you can get the difference back!

The promotional code is: MLNTH09

Discount booking link on JetBlue:  JetBlue

-Airfare on the cheap brought to you by Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy


Ann Taylor 30% off August 5-9th + Free shipping

Ann Taylor is having their Friends and Family event.   Valid from August 5th-9th at these following locations.  Ann Taylor stores, LOFT stores, anntaylor.com and anntaylorLOFT.com.   The 30% discount is complimented beautifully with free shipping for purchases over $125.00.  Don’t worry ladies, you can tell him you got it on sale…

The online promotional code is: FRIENDS30

For instore please print the following coupon: Coupon

– Brought to you by Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy


Quiznos Buy 1 Get one for $1.00

So this sounds good for lunch!  And just in time too!  Print it and wander down to your nearest Quiznos.

– Ravi Shanghavi is the CheapIndianGuy


Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard $24.99 w Free Shipping

Hey Folks!  Wrists sore? Carpal Tunnel creeping in?  Or just plain love to shop?  Either one you can score  an excellent Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard for yourself or a loved one today only for 24.99 with Free Shipping even!   Follow the link below for the Shell Shocker Deal from NewEgg.  Very reputable source so get’em while they’re hot.

– CheapIndianGuy – Ravi Shanghavi

Here’s the link to NewEgg:  Microsoft Natural Keyboard


Godiva 50% off secret sale!

I’ve been waiting for this all .. year? LOL!  There was no sale since after Valentines so I’ve been patiently waiting.. counting my truffles.  Praying to the ganache gods.

It’s currently unadvertised and the deals will go quick.

Here’s the link to the sale: Godiva Secret Sale

Please shop responsibly, your loved ones will thank you… =)

– Ravi Shanghavi is the CheapIndianGuy


Restaurant.com 80% off coupon code!

Yes sir! The CheapIndianGuy is bringing you the fine dining experience on the cheap.  Ahhh. Filet mignon = $4.00 normally 50.00. PRICELESS.  Take a gander.  Boatloads of local prime eateries on www.restaurant.com Get $25 Certificates for $2 instead of $10 and $10 Certificates for $0.80

Coupon Code: NAPKIN

-CheapIndianGuy – Ravi Shanghavi


BMW 335d Diesel for 9,800 off MSRP

Here we have it folks, 425 lb/ft of torque on the cheap.  That’s more than the Ferrari F430! I won’t even mention the price difference between the two either… So where we’re at is 9,800 below the $43,000 MSRP of the 2010 BMW 335d.  We’re talking a in your driveway price of approx 33k!!  BMW is bringing this to you by matching the 4,500.00 Cash for Clunkers rebate.  So you’re at 4,500 Cash for Clunkers + 4,500 BMW Eco Credit+900 tax credit.  This is bringing home the schnitzel and having your barvarian cake too.

Here’s the short url to BMW: BMW 335d Discount page

Cheers from the CheapIndianGuy – Ravi Shanghavi


Via Rail 60% off all Canadian Travel

Folks, this is a sweet deal.  Via Rail is offering a 60% off code via the below link as a “sorry” for 2day strike that just ended.  This is valid for all classes of fares and is for all destinations within Canada.  So take advantage, you can book as far ahead as Dec so get booking as the seats are going fast I’m sure.

An examples is Ottawa-Kingston $21.00.

Here’s the short url: Via Rail Discount Page

This gets thumbs up from the CheapIndianGuy.


Ravi Shanghavi