CheapIndianGuy donates $1,700 to charity

Over the last 10 years I’ve scrimped and saved my pennies, dimes, nickles and loonies.   I spent a wee bit of time rolling what feels like 100lbs in coin.   To the tune of $1,700 in change!  I’ve decided it’s all going to go to a good cause!  Actually to a number of good causes. 1,700 in Coins

I will be donating $50 per week until I’ve donated the whole $1,700.   So I’m looking to you for some suggestions on as to where I should be donating.  All worthy causes will be considered. Please just drop me a line here in the comments, on Youtube or via email.  Ravi AT .  I’m looking forward to your input!

My Youtube video introduction to the CheapIndianGuy’s Donation plan is just below.   Cheers!

– Ravi Shanghavi is the CheapIndianGuy