BMW 335d Diesel for 9,800 off MSRP

Here we have it folks, 425 lb/ft of torque on the cheap.  That’s more than the Ferrari F430! I won’t even mention the price difference between the two either… So where we’re at is 9,800 below the $43,000 MSRP of the 2010 BMW 335d.  We’re talking a in your driveway price of approx 33k!!  BMW is bringing this to you by matching the 4,500.00 Cash for Clunkers rebate.  So you’re at 4,500 Cash for Clunkers + 4,500 BMW Eco Credit+900 tax credit.  This is bringing home the schnitzel and having your barvarian cake too.

Here’s the short url to BMW: BMW 335d Discount page

Cheers from the CheapIndianGuy – Ravi Shanghavi