Donating $1,700 to Charity. Week 2

The CheapIndianGuy is donating $1,700 to charities you suggest.  I’m looking to donate approx $50 weekly to registered charities that people recommend, and give a reason as to why.  So far I’ve gotten a number of recommendations on my Youtube video.

Donations, and donations on behalf of.

1) Ituneskiller – $50 – Ottawa Food Bank , Receipt below


Ravi Shanghavi, is the CheapIndianGuy

2 Replies to “Donating $1,700 to Charity. Week 2”

  1. Thoses people recycle bicycles, teach bicycle mechanics and always are in need of tools as they break eventually. Bicycle specialised tools are awfully expensive, if you can please contribute to this worthy cause

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