Delayed posts

Hi Folks, I apologize for not updating as of recent. I have been donating regularly just yet to publish the posts! I recently received a donation of $250 to further my efforts. This will increase the period of time I will be able to make my weekly donations for! Very happy for this.

Over the last few weeks I have been working at purchasing socks in bulk to donate to local shelters. I will provide more of an update on those efforts soon. As always. Please feel free to drop me a line if you’ve any wish for me to donate on your behalf in the coming weeks!

A brief recap on why we’re here. This started out by my rolling the coins I’ve collected over the last 10+ years. These were offered when praying every morning.. Originally I had planned to donate these eventually to the temple. But made a person decision to help as many others as I could with what I had. It’s small I’ll agree. $51 a week may not amount to much. But every little bit helps. And if I can donate on behalf of someone who wouldn’t normally be able to, or wouldn’t have chosen to. It means all the more.

– Ravi Shanghavi

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