Looking back on our community-driven spare-change donation drive

Eight years ago, in 2010, together the Ottawa community raised nearly two thousand dollars for local charities…

I used this blog to provide you all with updates over the 39 week period of donations. You suggested charities, and I donated on your behalf.

I hope the project made others consider donating to worthy causes themselves. It was certainly a humbling experience for myself, and reminded me of how kind our Ottawa community can be.

Here’s a little more information on the coins donation project…

  • 7,650 pennies
  • 1,250 dimes
  • 864 quarters
  • 760 nickels
  • 300 toonies (two dollar coins)
  • 96 loonies (one dollar coins)
  • A misc. amount of dollar bills I’d traded in for change over time.

I hope that this blog will inspire others to lead similar coin donation drives in their communities. You’re always welcome to get in touch with me (Ravi) for advice.

Best wishes,

Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

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