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In 2010, I led a coin donation drive where I asked Ottawa residents to consider donating their pennies and nickels to worthy causes.

Friends, family, and strangers gave me their coins and we ended up raising nearly two thousand dollars. I solicited suggestions for local charities to donate the grand sum to, ultimately deciding to divide the donation among 39 charities, all chosen by those who donated.

This site was the ‘headquarters’ of the project, where I provided updates to donors, and shared receipts of my donations.

I have decided to keep the site online all these years, in the hope that others will be inspired to host a similar donation drive in their own community.

About Me

President of Antilia Homes, Computing & Project Management Professional

Ravi is currently President at Antilia Homes, having founded the Ottawa-based luxury property development company in 2014. Ravi provides project and property management services, and oversees all aspects of the operation.

Ravi Shanghavi of Ottawa is also an IT architect, with experience in cloud computing and virtualisation.

As displayed in this bio page, Ravi has ample work experience in the technology sector, having worked for international companies like HP and Nokia.

Beyond his professional life, Ravi enjoys foodcarstechnology, and blogging. Naturally, Ravi combined these interests to create a series of blogs and sites, which he updates regularly with his favourite content from around the web.

To learn more about Ravi, you can take a look at his LinkedIn profile or his other sites, all of which can be found here: Ravi Shanghavi’s sites

– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

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