Donating $1,700 to Charity. Week 3

The CheapIndianGuy is donating $1,700 to charities you suggest. I’m looking to donate approx $50 weekly to registered charities that people recommend, and give a small explanation in support of why.  So far I’ve gotten a number of recommendations on my Youtube video.

Today I had it in my mind to make the donation for this week.   By chance on Facebook I saw my old colleague Al McCreas invite to join the group “Please Help My Wife – Realize her Dream of Helping Others (Cancer Society)” .   Given I had a suggestion to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society this was ideal!  So I pledged $51 to help Al’s wife Julia accomplish her goal.  It’s true, everyone has been touched by cancer.  Please support the cause.   Thank you Al & Julia McCrea and nuri787.

Donations, and donations on behalf of.

1) Ituneskiller – $50 – Ottawa Food Bank

2) Nuria aka nuri787 – $51 – Canadian Cancer Society pledged to Julia Saltarelli-McCrea


Ravi Shanghavi, is the CheapIndianGuy

75% off SECRET Perry Ellis Sale!

This is Top Secret people.  If I tell you this… fill in the blanks please.  Now to the point.  Perry Ellis is running a normal sale.  But for the chosen few, they are running a Secret Sale.  One where you, the savy CheapIndianGuys friend will enjoy a whopping 75% discount at.

To bring even more goods to the table.  Here’s a discount code to further reduce your shopping cart by 10%.


You’d think that was enough, but the CheapIndianGuy is also letting you know that there is free shipping on orders over $75. 

Quite frankly.  This is a superb deal, and I recommend stocking up on gifts for him for x-mas, newyears.  Hell, at these prices.. every first of the month!


-Ravi Shanghavi, IS the CheapIndianGuy


$599 JetBlue fly all you can for 1 month

JetBlue has got you running to the gate.  For a month long excursion to just about anywhere.  Always wished you could do a 52 states in 30 days whirlwind documentary?  Well here’s your chance.  For $599 JetBlue is giving you a all you can fly pass between September 8th to October 8th.  Passes need to be purchased by August 21st, and I’m sure the weekend flights are going to get filled up pretty quick.    Either way, this is a good way to travel for the last bit of summer.  If you’ve had a summer that is, Ottawa has only enjoy rain and some idle sunshine.

-Brought to you by Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy


CheapIndianGuy donates $1,700 to charity

Over the last 10 years I’ve scrimped and saved my pennies, dimes, nickles and loonies.   I spent a wee bit of time rolling what feels like 100lbs in coin.   To the tune of $1,700 in change!  I’ve decided it’s all going to go to a good cause!  Actually to a number of good causes. 1,700 in Coins

I will be donating $50 per week until I’ve donated the whole $1,700.   So I’m looking to you for some suggestions on as to where I should be donating.  All worthy causes will be considered. Please just drop me a line here in the comments, on Youtube or via email.  Ravi AT .  I’m looking forward to your input!

My Youtube video introduction to the CheapIndianGuy’s Donation plan is just below.   Cheers!

– Ravi Shanghavi is the CheapIndianGuy

$100 free Facebook Advertising Credit


You can’t beat free can ya?  The CheapIndianGuy is bringing you free to the tune of $100 in cold hard Facebook Ad credits.  I just went through the below steps in all of 1min 12seconds and I was presented with $100 worth of advertising credits on Facebook.   Own a business?  Developing your online social media platform?  Selling cheese out of your car trunk?  Whatever it is, advertisting costs.

Steps involved:

1) Signup at the Visa Business Network.   It’s free doesn’t require anything but your name, email address, and a password you create.

2) Click the link in the email they send you to verify your account and login to the Visa Business Network site with your email.

3)Click “Get Started” under Facebook: Get your Credit?

That’s it! They email you with a link to Facebook and your $100bucks.

Here’s the link to get started!

Visa Business Network $100 Facebook Ad Credit

– Brought to you by Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy

Ann Taylor 30% off August 5-9th + Free shipping

Ann Taylor is having their Friends and Family event.   Valid from August 5th-9th at these following locations.  Ann Taylor stores, LOFT stores, and   The 30% discount is complimented beautifully with free shipping for purchases over $125.00.  Don’t worry ladies, you can tell him you got it on sale…

The online promotional code is: FRIENDS30

For instore please print the following coupon: Coupon

– Brought to you by Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy