Donating $1,700 to Charity. Week 7 – Children at Risk Ottawa

For week 7 I’ve made a donation on behalf of Margaret Sambol to Children at Risk of Ottawa.  This organization is dedicated to the assistance of children and families of those who are autistic.  For those who aren’t familiar with Autism or ASDs you can learn more here.

Some of the organizations goals are as follows.

  • Children at Risk seeks to increase public awareness of Autism and the impact this disability has on the child and on his or her family.
  • Children at Risk advocates on behalf of Autistic children and their families at the local, provincial and national levels.
  • Children at Risk fosters linkages with other local agencies or organizations in the community.

Donations, and donations on behalf of.

1) Ituneskiller – $50 – Ottawa Food Bank

2) Nuria aka nuri787 – $51 – Canadian Cancer Society pledged to Julia Saltarelli-McCrea

3) Erika Saunders – $51 – Recyclore

4) DoctorPhil – $51 – Down Syndrome Association – National Capital Region

5) DJ Sinsear – $51 – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa

6) Margaret Sambol – $51 – Children at Risk Ottawa

Very many thanks to all those who have written in and provided support.

– Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy