$100 free Facebook Advertising Credit


You can’t beat free can ya?  The CheapIndianGuy is bringing you free to the tune of $100 in cold hard Facebook Ad credits.  I just went through the below steps in all of 1min 12seconds and I was presented with $100 worth of advertising credits on Facebook.   Own a business?  Developing your online social media platform?  Selling cheese out of your car trunk?  Whatever it is, advertisting costs.

Steps involved:

1) Signup at the Visa Business Network.   It’s free doesn’t require anything but your name, email address, and a password you create.

2) Click the link in the email they send you to verify your account and login to the Visa Business Network site with your email.

3)Click “Get Started” under Facebook: Get your Credit?

That’s it! They email you with a link to Facebook and your $100bucks.

Here’s the link to get started!

Visa Business Network $100 Facebook Ad Credit

– Brought to you by Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy