Ravi Shanghavi is Donating $1,700 to Charity. Week 8 – NAAR

NAAR – National Alliance for Autism Research is where my week 8 donation went to on behalf of Juli.  The original request was to sponsor Dante’s Dream Team.  Though due to difficulties with their website, I was unable to make the donation to sponsor them.  The organization they are raising funds for though is NAAR.  Which I was able to donate to via www.CanadaHelps.org .  My donation portal of choice.  I’m a wee tardy on this update but I’ll be sure to make a mid week donation this week to bring my campaign up to date.   Best wishes to all, and many thanks for the continued support.  With good fortune I will be able to continue this indefinately.

-Ravi Shanghavi, is the CheapIndianGuy

Donations, and donations on behalf of.

1) Ituneskiller – $50 – Ottawa Food Bank

2) Nuria aka nuri787 – $51 – Canadian Cancer Society pledged to Julia Saltarelli-McCrea

3) Erika Saunders – $51 – Recyclore

4) DoctorPhil – $51 – Down Syndrome Association – National Capital Region

5) DJ Sinsear – $51 – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa

6) Margaret Sambol – $51 – Children at Risk Ottawa

7) Julia – $51 – NAAR – National Alliance for Autism Research