Donating $1,700 to Charity. Week 5

Time sure flies.  We’re at week 5 already and I’m happy that we’ve many more to go.  This week I’ve donated at the request of DoctorPhil of YouTube renown.  His wish was to donate to a cause related to Down Syndrome.

Upon doing some brief research on the CHEO website I came across a local organization called Down Syndrome Association – National Capital Region. They’re an Ottawa based organization that you helps you “learn about issues, activities and resources relevant to those with Down Syndrome in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.”  Their site has a forum where you can touch base with others, ask questions, and respond to others.  They also have a number of links and resources available for those who wish to obtain  additional information.

Donations, and donations on behalf of.

1) Ituneskiller – $50 – Ottawa Food Bank

2) Nuria aka nuri787 – $51 – Canadian Cancer Society pledged to Julia Saltarelli-McCrea

3) Erika Saunders – $51 – Recyclore

4) DoctorPhil – $51 – Down Syndrome Association – National Capital Region

Thanks for all your help and input folks!! Keep the suggestions and worthy causes coming!

– Ravi Shanghavi, the CheapIndianGuy