Ravi Shanghavi is Donating $1,700 to Charity. Week 9 – Seva Foundation

On the suggestion of a kind reader, I’ve made a donation to the Seva Foundation.  I’ve copied below an excerpt from their site, I was immediately touched by this cause and feel most would also be.  Thank you for your suggestion!

“Seva Foundation started as a small group with a big idea, and the idea was this: To be fully human, we must translate our compassion and concern into useful service.

That simple statement conveys something about the nature of compassion that is expressed in most spiritual traditions around the world — that compassion is not just about helping those less fortunate than ourselves, it’s about the realization that we are all connected as one human family.

That sense of compassionate service motivates all of Seva’s work, as we build programs that support people around the world in their efforts to build healthy communities.

Seva’s programs, spanning many cultures and countries, share certain fundamental principles:

Serving the Underserved
Building Healthy Communities
Promoting Sustainability
Working Through Partnerships”

-Ravi Shanghavi, is the CheapIndianGuy

Donations, and donations on behalf of.

1) Ituneskiller – $50 – Ottawa Food Bank

2) Nuria aka nuri787 – $51 – Canadian Cancer Society pledged to Julia Saltarelli-McCrea

3) Erika Saunders – $51 – Recyclore

4) DoctorPhil – $51 – Down Syndrome Association – National Capital Region

5) DJ Sinsear – $51 – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa

6) Margaret Sambol – $51 – Children at Risk Ottawa

7) Julia – $51 – NAAR – National Alliance for Autism Research
8 ) Norm O’Hara – $51 – Seva Foundation

Ravi Shanghavi donates to Seva Foundation
Ravi Shanghavi donates to Seva Foundation